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Cad Cut Sweatshirts X Factor Style!

For all you X Factor fans out there, we spotted a Bantum ‘bow tie’ design being worn by MK1 and Dot Promotional Clothing have provided cad cut for this range! Sim and Charlie were wearing the sweatshirts when they were given the bad news about being voted off the show last weekend.  There are also […]

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Screen Printed T-Shirts Run, Run, Run

One of the many traditional screen printing jobs going through this month is ‘Run The City’.  This was an order for Helly Hansen t-shirts and sweatshirts, produced for an event in Liverpool.

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Another Screen Printed Transfer Job

The Aspen Medical tablecloth job was completed as a screen printed transfer for two reasons.  After testing the fabric it was found to have a problem with the dye migration, and the glue we screen onto the reverse of the transfer creates a natural blocker to the dye in the cloth. The screen printed transfer […]

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Embroidered T-Shirts

Beautifully clear and precise embroidery for one of our regular customers, Stu Stash.  You will notice that there are many colours in this design but that is not an problem with embroidery as the costings depend on the number of stitches and not the number of colours.  

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Ink Jet Dark Multi Flag Logo

This is one of our favourite designs and jobs to date.  The logo would have been an expensive project as a traditional screen print, but using the ink jet dark technique we set the job up for a few pounds.  The logos are released from the printed sheet and heat pressed onto the t-shirts in […]

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Multicoloured Transfers

‘Tickety-Boo’ is a multicoloured screen printed transfer job.  This photograph, complete with registration marks for alignment, is of a transfer that gives a lovely clean, clear image onto black t-shirts.

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