Project 1: Stickers

One of the benefits of investing in new equipment is the possibility of opening up new product lines.  The arrival of a semi automatic large format flat bed with a vacuum bed has made it possible to produce traditional screen printed permanent vinyl stickers economically.  We have put together a time line story using photographs to show the procedure from vinyl sheets to finished stickers, including the the tooling required to cut bespoke shapes and sizes.  We start with large sheets of vinyl (normally of the main colour required) and the first step, once the artwork has been cut onto a large screen, is to print and dry one colour at a time.  In the case of these photos, the design is a single colour.

stickers1 stickers2

After a short period of rack drying, the vinyl is cut into the required size using a very accurate guillotine.

stickers3 stickers4

If a particular shape of sticker is required, the stickers would be printed in the natural way before being kiss cut into shape using a template.  This process relies on very accurate set up and can take several hours, even for a highly skilled operative.  The vinyl must be cut through but not the base paper and this can be seen clearly in the photo.  Please contact us if you require a quotation for your company stickers.

stickers cut IMG_4547


Project 2: Numbers for football and sports kits

The growth in sublimated playing kits has seen a rise in the problems associated with number and name application.  We have developed a low temperature production process for kit numbers that allows the heat application temperature to be reduced to 140 degrees.  Traditionally the advised temperature is 160 degrees and critically this temperature can cause the the onset of dye migration.  The colour within sublimated kits can be reactivated causing critical changes of colour in the applied numbers.  For example, a nice pristine white onto a red shirt could turn pink over a few hours, rendering the kits useless.

At Dot we are producing number sets very economically using our newly commissioned semi automatic flat bed screen printer.  The low temperature application is achieved by using new to the market glue powders for adhesion.  We have standard number styles in large and small format and we offer a bespoke service to produce any style of number or letter required.  Because these items are produced in the traditional way using screen printing, the numbers can contain more than 1 colour if required.  If you would like to know more about the numbers and letters available from Dot, please contact us.